I’ve got some bad news, writers. In comics, the artist works harder than we do. On a simple one to one basis, they just plain work harder. A writer can easily write a script a week (or at least, should be able to.) An artist has to spend an entire month on the art. That’s a 1:4…

This is important for anyone in the comic industry to read and understand, especially all the artists who I CONSTANTLY meet who agree to hard jobs for barely any compensation.  A 50/50 financial split with the writer DOES NOT mean that you’re being paid equally, because your time and labor investment is so much more than theirs. 
If you agree to deals like that, you very likely won’t finish the project because you won’t have the cash to survive, or you’ll finish the project and only have empty pockets to show for it.
It’s an irresponsible business plan, and any writer who insists on such an irresponsible business plan, or doesn’t realize why it’s irresponsible, isn’t someone you should be going into business with. 

And if you don’t believe me, listen to Josh, he’s a smart man.