Hey! My real name is Erika, thanks for the answer Mr. reillybrown! It was so polite and funny!  I never cosplayed like Shiklah before (Here in Ecuador are very few comic events) But your letter was so great about the cosplayers that I thought I could at least try some makeup (My eyes are bleeding I’m not used to it x’D). Also I thought it was okay to post the best part of your answer for the girls who like Shiklah too.

“Shiklah (and Bug!)was just a blast to develop. Since she was going to be taking Ol’ Wade off the market, that was going to be a big move for the book, and I’m blown away that the fans enjoy her as much as they do.
And listen, I know that a few people on the internet don’t like Shiklah for one reason or another (and it’s really not many, they just like to post a lot), the same’s true about every comic book character. People online complain about EVERYTHING, so don’t let them tell you that you shouldn’t like something that you do. You and all the girls who I’ve seen dress up like Shiklah at comic conventions over the past few months, you guys just get the character in ways that other people might not. You get the fun of the character, and the humor of the character. We’re on the same wavelength there!” -Reilly Brown.

Also I asked about the missing white box in Deadpool the Gauntlet, but thanks to fuckyesdeadpool I have the answer, aparently the white box always was the character Madcap, and because both men (Madcap and Deadpool) were completely eviscerated and regenerated from their ashes which were mixed they became fused. Now that the truth is out, both are eager to be separated and achieve that by having Luke Cage and Thor rip them in two. So now Wade just have yellow box and he’s feeling a little lonely.

Thank you so much for the artist support too your such a gentleman!

Awesome makeup Erika!  Now you just need a cape and a flying iguana and the costume will be complete.