CHALLENGE. Day 5: I have been nominated by artist/friend and Ten Ton studiomate Jeremy Colwell for the ‪#‎5dayartchallenge‬ of original artwork. Each day I will post three works of original art and will also nominate another artist to do the same.

For Day 5, it’s Chris Burnham’s turn to post some stuff up! Chris is one of the founders of Ten Ton Studios, and has done some insane and amazing comics over the years, from his work on Batman Inc, to his various independent projects, including his newest series with Grant Morrison, NAMELESS. Amazing talent, awesome dude, now let’s see some art!

In my previous posts I’ve shown some Deadpool stuff, Lobo stuff, and Saint George stuff, so for my final post, here are some things that you might not have seen before– some commissions from conventions of characters that I don’t typically draw in my published work.
Here’s Magik, Thor, and Dr. Fate.
It can be fun to draw characters I’m not used to sometimes, as it’s a chance to play around with new ideas and sometimes I can surprise myself. For instance, I never gave Dr. Fate much thought, but he turned out to be one of my favorite pieces I’ve done.