Comixology’s ‘Submit!’ Feature Opens Avenues For Digital Comic

Comixology is the top app for digital comics, and at New York Comic Con, their team announced Comixology ‘Submit!,’ a cool new way for fans and creators to submit their own content to be reviewed and ultimately put in the hands of Comixology’s thousands of users. Submit aims to help comic book creators worldwide monetize their self-published works through the popular digital platform. Right now, Submit is invite only, but it will be out of private beta some time over the next 60-70 days.

Comixology told the crowd at Comic Con there is no wrong way to create digital comics, and the most important thing is to not be afraid to fail. Comixology utilizes what they call ‘Guided View’ technology, which literally lets you pan, swipe, and zoom through digital content, making it easy to read and enjoy comics on a small screen. Comic submissions will go through an approval process, and once approved, the Comixology team will transform the work into their Guided View technology for free.

You can pick up your favorite comics from Marvel, DC, and more, but Comixology also provides original exclusive content. With over 16000 digital comics, 700 of which are available for free, Comixology has something for everyone.

You can download the Comixology app for your iphone, ipad, android, and kindle fire OR check it out on Windows 8 or the web, all for free!

via International Business Times