A lot of people ask when they’re going to get their hands on a PRINT version of Power Play. Right now we really want to try and take advantage of the new possibilities that are exclusive to digital, mainly accessibility to new readers and showing off new tricks utilizing ComiXology’s Guided View. 

That said, the day will come when you can slap an issue of Power Play down and have us sign it at conventions, or maybe you just want to roll it up and stick it in your back pocket, and yes, I know some will slip it into a bag and board, drop it into a longbox. We appreciate readers of all kinds, especially new ones and longtime fans, but we in turn would appreciate your trying something new, giving digital comics a shot, helping us open the audience up, showing and sharing what you love about comic books, but making them accessible so that anyone anywhere can instantly download and enjoy quality comics. 

So, for those of you who’d like to see the full pages of Reilly’s fantastic artwork, this post’s for you!