Hey, speakin’a things you feebs should read, have ya checked out the sweet new digital comic preview fer Power Play? Anybody remember th’ good ol’ days when I was runnin’ around with Cable tryin’ (sometimes) (mostly) ta save th’ world? An’ that mook Reilly Brown was yea verily chroniclin’ my valiant exploits fer th’ comic book page? (An’ yeah, drawin’ Cable too now and again, whatever. We all know who th’ STAR a’the show was.) An’ he was really super-good at drawin’ yers truly an’ stuff?

Well now he an’ this other dude are workin’ on some new thing about an eXtreme sports league fer superpowered mooks, an’ it’s comin’ out real soon. Outlaw made me sit down an’ read th’ preview last week, an’ it’s the best digital thing I seen since they switched my Golden Girls reruns over ta digital TV. This thing’s made fer digital readin’, and trust me, ya don’t wanna miss it.

So clicky-click an’ check it out! It’s FREE. AND I heard a rumor that if ya read it twice, Mac shows up at yer door with free pizza.

…’Scuse me. I gotta go read it again.