Power Play #1 broke all the rules and helped pave the way for many Digital Only comics


Comixology is on it’s way to an impressive 100 million downloads.  That’s A LOT of comics people have read through their service, and to celebrate their road to nine-digits they’re offering a new free comic every day.  It’s pretty cool that my own Comic Power Play is one of the ones they’re handing out, so take the opportunity to download the first issue and give it a try for free

It’s one of the first comics to truly make use of their digital format and tell a story in a way that can only be told digitally, in a way that really elevates the artform (as opposed to crumby animation that people only pretend to be comics). 

So give it a shot, cost-free, and if you like it check out one of the two later issues.  I’d love to hear what you think!