Meet Mac Washington & Katerina the “Ice Queen”, the primary characters from the new digital creator-owned comic book co-created by myself and Marvel Comics artist Reilly Brown.

Power Play is about a series of underground games that take place across the five boroughs of NY, where the contestants all have some sort of superpowers and represent different neighborhoods. With DIY sensibilities, a handful of people put together contests that take place in actual locations in the city, which are drawn from photo reference that Reilly and I take as we walk the streets of NYC & Brooklyn.

Mac Washington is an NYU student who can turn into whatever substance he touches. He’s trying to graduate school, get a job, and just plain get his act together, but how are use supposed to make up your mind about what you want to be, when you can literally be anything?

Kat, the “Ice Queen” can create and control solid ice, not to mention the hearts of men. She’s one of the top players and organizers of the power Play tournament. Also she’s damn sexy, and she knows it.

Stay tuned for more info.