Even though I only went to SDCC for the last few hours of the last day, I was still lucky enough to meet some of my favorite artists and pick up some autographed prints! They were all really nice guys, but even so, I was too awestruck to remember to include myself in any of these photos! :/

1) adigranovart  (with possibly my favorite piece behind him)

2) Adam Hughes (I just had to watch for a bit)

3) Jim Lee (superstar on stage)

4) petervnguyen  (The coolest guy ever. I wish I had enough money to buy his “Rainbow“ headshots, too)

5) jimcheungart (what do you even say to someone like him?)

pascalcampion (his Wolverine print is crazy beautiful)

7) toddnauck (SUPER friendly)

8) JonBoy Meyers

9) reillybrown  (I was gushing too much to even take his pic)

10) Jason Aaron (writing), Aaron Lopresti, jasonlatour, Rachel Dodson, Terry Dodson  (umm…sensory overload)

nice to meet you too kevin, and you grouped me with some great artist. Except for that jim cheung guy….lol kidding …………………………………

fyi here is the disclaimer. Jim cheung is an awesome artist and friend. Next show just run up to him , he totally chill ( even for Hawaiian standards)


"petervnguyen  (The coolest guy ever” 


Did Kevin even talk to you, Peter? I’m sure there must be a typo. Maybe it should be ‘coolest guy NEVER’! LOL  ;)

Wow, flattered to be on this list with so many of my own favorite artists.  Although I guess if Peter’s the standard of cool, maaaaaybe that’s not saying much ;)