If it’s wrong for factory workers to be treated this way, it’s wrong for animators to be treated this way too. 



Originally featured on Yaraon! and then shown on Kotaku some time ago, This further illustrates the point bill-Rinaldi was trying to make about how hard Artists in the Animation/Anime Industry work. Although it’s not nearly so bad in America (and we have different positions over here) we still work our butts off.

From Kotaku: “Picked up on the Japanese blog Yaraon!, this manga, titled 90% Job Turnover!? The Truth About Animators is more than just an 8-page look at the job description of Japanese animators, but rather, a boots on the ground examination of the industry. The manga is short but it makes its point fairly bluntly: making anime is not for the faint of heart.”

While this manga is not representative of ALL anime production studios, it does seem to reflect the general atmosphere. In the above gallery, you can read the manga, which I have translated from its original Japanese.”

Why does the sound guy make so much compared to everyone else?!?. Wish I knew the name of the Manga artist to give him full credit…

It’s hard out here for an animator.