As the comic con season moves on, a lot of young artists hit the convention floor with their portfolios, lining up in review lines, or trying to shake editors down to get their first break in the comic industry.  It’s hard to know where your works stands compared to others, or what you need to do to improve.  We’ve all been there, and it’s scary.  Luckily, over at the Ten Ton Studios message board we’re trying to help you out!

We’ve opened a new section that’s made specifically for new talent to submit what you’re working on and get critiqued by professional comic book artists so that you can make improvements to your work and be even more prepared for when you first meet with an editor.

So far we’ve given some really great, in-depth critiques, and you might be able to learn something just from reading them.

If you’re an artist, come check it out, and if you know any artists spread the word to them.  It’s not often that an opportunity like this comes around, and it’s worth taking advantage of.