Here’s a brief look at the process of making an Infinite Comic with this bit from Deadpool: The Gauntlet #13

The first step is my rough storyboards.  These are quick, low-res drawings in Photoshop that I use to pace out the chapter, and figure out the layout for each shot. This is the phase where all the planning takes place, and my main goal is to figure out the storytelling (since this was just a title page, there’s not much actual “storytelling, but you get the point).

The second step is penciling.  I usually lightbox right over printouts of the storyboards, which helps me maintain the energy of the rough drawings. 

Third, I send the pencils off to the inker, in this case Terry Pallot. 

Fourth is the colors from Jim Campbell. 

In the final step is where Joe Sabino puts down his letters, and where we’d finally be able to see Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn’s words if this wasn’t simply a title and credits page. 

It’s fun to put these images side by side to see how we get from my crappy thumbnails to the well-polished final image.  Unfortunately it takes a lot more time and effort to actually make a scene like this than it does to make a Tumblr post!