Here are some designs I did for my good friend Chris Irving’s creator-owned comic, which he talks about in the latest issue THE DRAWN WORD


Alright, well: Earlier tonight my friend Chris Irving announced a project we’ve been working on since February. It’s called THE COLLECTIVE and here’s a sneak coming out in The Drawn Word #2 with character designs by Power Play’s REILLY BROWN!

I’m over the wall, dancing on top of the wall, spraying champagne, excited about this, because this is—well—it’s my first writing gig! I don’t think I can thank Chris enough in his kind consideration and approaching me regarding this project and, seriously, I was so excited when he sent me these designs I nearly jumped into traffic.

Over the next couple of days, we will get further in depth, but I sincerely hope that you all will check this out, because most of you very kind readers know that I’ve been working and building towards writing comics and with Chris’s kind shepherding, I sincerely hope you’ll check out my freshman effort, coming very soon.  

Check out the rest of the announcement over at Drawn