Glad to hear people have been enjoying the print version of the Gaurdians of the Galaxy one-Shot I did with Tim Seeley, Jacopo Camagni, and Iban Coello.
Since it was originally released as a digital comic, Marvel asked me to do the storyboards for it, based on Tim’s plots.  These gifs show what my contribution looked like, so as you can see, Jacopo Camagni and Iban Coello did the heavy lifting when it came to the art.  I’m usually credit as one of the artists on this, but really what I did was somewhere between the writing and drawing.  The official credit was “storyboards,” which is appropriately as direct as most comic credits tend to be. 
Even so, it is fun to see where my art shows through. 
If you haven’t seen Jacopo and Iban’s incredible finished art, you can check out this preview here.
And I also encourage you to check out the finished digital version on Comixology to get the full effect!