I never know what to do with my Facebook page.  
A lot of people friend-request me who like my comics, and I go through alternating moods where I’ll either except everyone, or purge my friend list of everyone I don’t know in real life.  
Facebook is a great networking tool, and a great way to reach fans, but it’s also how I keep in touch with my friends and family.  Some of the people who are fans of my work are really just strangers to me, and I don’t need them to see photos of me and my girlfriend on vacation, or know when I’m going to be out of the house at a friend’s barbecue, you know? 
I’m never quite sure about how to deal with that. 
I’ve got a Deviant Art account, a twitter account, and a Tumblr account, and I use all of those much more for sharing artwork and discussing new projects than I do Facebook, but none of those things reach as many fans as my Facebook account– or at least as many as my Facebook account would if I accepted all the friend requests I get.

Anyone else have this dilemma?