While you’re all snowed in, check out this web comic I’ve been working on lately for Ghostek Products–  Dash Hudson: Tentacles of the Trident!

It’s of the “poorly behaving superspy” genre, along the lines of Archer or Get Smart.  It’s for Ghostek, who makes some pretty cool waterproof phone cases, so there’s a certain amount of product placement (expect the characters to randomly have buckets of water dumped on them with bizarre frequency while they’re talking on the phone as the series goes on), but they gave me a surprising amount of freedom to just do whatever I want– thus shark-men and brony-girls are crucial plot elements.  As I believe they should be!    Also, I’d like to point out how awesome the comic reader program is on the site– it’s probably the best and fastest-loading I’ve ever seen!  It was put together by the talented comic artist and Manga Studio guru, Doug Hills. Anyway, check it out!  There will be a new strip every week.

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/1S1FRqq via IFTTT