Who’s gonna be there with me?

I’ve got a lot going on there this year. Besides signing and doing sketches at my artist’s alley table, I’ll be signing at the Marvel booth a couple of times, as well as doing a drawing on the wall of the famous Palm Restaurant, which will be pretty cool, since Marvel usually makes a media event of it.Keep an eye on the Marvel website for a video of me in action! (And if you see it, post a link here for other to check out, since I’ll be too busy to do it myself over the next week).

Another cool thing I’ll be doing is a panel on how to break into comics, hosted by Andy Schmidt of Comix Experience, with me and other comics pros giving advice and telling about how we first got our careers going. I’ve done similar panels in the past, and they usually end up being really informative. If you’re an aspiring comic artist you really should come check it out.

So anyway, here’s the rundown–


10 – 11 AM, Marvel Booth Signing at Booth #2329
12 - ??? Palm Restaurant at restaurant


10 – 11 AM Marvel Booth Signing, at Booth #2329
4-5 PM Breaking into Comics at Room 30CDE

All other times I’ll be at my Artist’s Alley booth, at EE-06, so look for me there!