Kerry Talbot is one of my favorite professors from VCU, and one of the most supportive of my ambitions to be a professional comic artist, and since those college days I’ve seen him at a dozen comic conventions, and our artwork has appeared side by side in a few comics publications.

He’s an amazing professor, an award winning illustrator, and a good friend.

Recently Kerry was diagnosed with brain cancer, which is always a real blow to anyone, but especially to a freelance artist who doesn’t have a big corporation looking out for him.  To help him raise money for his mountain of medical bills, the awesome Pat Godfrey and Velocity Comics are throwing an art auction benefit, and I’ll be contributing some of my favorite pieces of artwork to the cause. 

The benefit will be held on MONDAY, APRIL 30 at GHOSTPRINT GALLERY, 220 WEST BROAD ST. RICHMOND, VA 23220

You can read about the event here–

and check out some of the other works that are being donated here–

These are what I will be contributing–

X-Men First Class Cover

Amazing Spider-Man page

There will be a live auction, as well as an online auction for those who can’t make it to the event but still want to help out. 

If any of you live in the Richmond area, please consider at least dropping by Ghostprint on Monday to check it out.