Sometimes people try to pull some shit that is so shady it hurts my brain.
I was recently contacted by an online retailer who wanted to “promote” my artwork by putting it on their products that they sell, such as tee-shirts, prints, and who knows what else.  People, by no stretch of the imagination is this promotion, this is straight up asking to use my work for free as if they’re providing some sort of service to me.  This is exactly the sort of thing that I would normally sell my artwork for, which is how I make my income. 
To any young artists out there, please don’t ever fall for some crap like this.  From looking at his website, it looks like no one has fallen for it yet, but I’ve seen other, similar, predatory business models that have successfully exploited artists.  When you make artwork you put in time and labor, and you should never give that away for free, especially not to people who are trying to make money for themselves, but aren’t willing to share it with you. 
That’s bullshit.
Always remember: Artists die of exposure.