Awesome video, Amy!


#videovember 10

I feel like I should mention at this point that I mostly draw by hand. So many artists are digital these days. I’m the opposite—I learned how to draw digital first in 2004—easier to edit and fix, so I had more patience and learned FAST—then I went analog around 2006. Nowadays my imagination is freer when I draw by hand…I’ve tried going back to digital several times but “the vision” is gone. Back then I didn’t even own a pencil and was terrified of drawing by hand.

Many people are making the move to digital. It’s a good idea for some, but not all. The two bad habits I see with people who can’t handle the power of digital is that…

1. They don’t see the big picture. Beautiful details, but they zoom in too early. SO BAD!!! Wonky City. Unnecessary zooming is like selling your soul to the devil, people. Your art needs that soul. 

2. Their linework is so wispy…it feels unfinished or like it’s not “anchored” to anything. There’s no other way to explain it….just spend time at the end connecting the corners and thickening them. Probably looks GREAT when you can see your “pencils” underneath, but when you get rid of the pencil layer…it’s naked. And not in a sexy way.