Well I never. 

Just who do you think you are to question my talent?  My expertise? The Incredible Hercules #5 is a masterpiece, and page 5 is the Mona Lisa’s smile!  Clearly any novice could see that those middle panels you mentioned are the best of the lot!  The panel grouping is clear yet not mundane, and the panels themselves are arranged in a fashion that, although simple in composition, are pleasing to the eye, pacing the story for the larger action on the very next page!  The camera angles within said panels are both dynamic AND dramatic, showcasing the duel pillars of a sequential drama; clarity of storytelling and presence of personality!  The setting is established, and the character interactions are sublime!  The betrayal of the trolls, the bravery of Hercules… Steven Spielberg himself could hope for no better! The problem is not with my drawing, nor the untoward question of my handedness, but the vexing lack of appreciation for the finer subtleties of storytelling from your own untrained eye!  Strike out thy eye, sir, for it has sinned.  It has bared false testimony to you, and has blasphemed against the most sequential of arts. 

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