Thanks for the offer, Kayuqtuq!  Sounds like a fun time!  I don’t have many convention requirements, I mean, obviously you’ll have to pay for my flight and I’d appreciate it if you got me a whole row, so I could really spread out– those airplane seats are so cramped, even in first class, and I don’t like people all up in my personal biz.  Also, I only fly first class.  Of course I’ll need a hotel to stay at, and if you’re not going to spring for the penthouse, I’ll at least need a suite with a fully-stocked mini bar, and an adjoining room with a disco ball and a karaoke machine/fog machine combo set. Also I’ll need someone to pick up the tab on the adult channels.  For the convention itself, I just need a standard eight-foot table to put my stuff on (if you only have a six-footer, I can make that work), and I’ll do the rest.  Just make sure there’s someone there to watch my table when I go out for lunch, or ice cream, or if I want to hit the gym, or for happy hour– can’t pass up those drink deals! Make sure you mention me in the convention promotion, on the website, posters, etc, and list my table number so that people will be able to find me.  Other than that, a standard $10,000 appearance fee and we’ll be all set!

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