A few people have asked me what my storyboards look like for the current Daredevil/Punisher series, so here are a few of them.  It’s pretty simple stuff, mostly just to get down the composition, and especially the Infinite Comics frame-by-frame storytelling that I suppose I’m rather known for at this point (although you’d need to see it in PDF form to really see all of that).    They’re basically just guidelines to flesh out the plot into the right amount of story beats, while still giving Szymon plenty of freedom make the comic look like whatever he wants it to.  Unfortunately I had to stop doing storyboards for this one after the second chapter, because of a bunch of things going on in my life at the time (detailed here), and had to limit my involvement with the series to just doing covers. However, I am working on storyboards for another Infinite Comic as we speak, which I’m really psyched about and can’t wait to talk about some more. 

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