So, yeah: Empowered, my ongoing “sexy superhero comedy” series published in print form by Dark Horse Comics, is now being serialized as a webcomic here: The online series, hosted by the fine folks at the creator-owned webcomic digital studio and publisher Hiveworks, kicks off with an at-launch archive of the first 108 pages or so of Empowered vol. 1, which takes us up through the introduction of the “Big Four” main characters—Empowered herself, her ex-Witless-Minion boyfriend Thugboy, her hard-drinking BFF Ninjette, and (of course) the inimitable Caged Demonwolf. Note that every page of Empowered‘s online version features commentary on said page by yours truly, in an effort to give current readers of the series’ print version an incentive to check out the webcomic. Hope you enjoy that part, longtime readers! That is, I really hope you get something outta that, as I’ve spent many an hour cranking out said commentary. (That said, I’m promising to do commentary for all of vol. 1’s pages, at least; I’ll have to reevaluate the viability of the rather time-consuming commentary process we get into vol. 2.)   I should also note that, as part of my deal with Hiveworks, we will be doing some form of Empowered merchandise at some point, as in prints or T-shirts or the like. (In fact, I might try reformatting this very promo illo into an merchandisable image!)   Finally, credits on the second illo: Line art by me, color art on the main Emp by my buddy Ryan Kinnaird.


from Tumblr via IFTTT