I don’t know if I’m right..

but can dp&c: split second #4 also be read backwards?

V. interesting! Having just reread the issue to check: yes and no? Not everything in the issue can be read backwards, but everything Loop says and does makes a whole lot more sense if you go through the panels in reverse order. A few key bits of his dialogue in particular take on a significantly different meaning that way around.


ah! The one thing that was driving me crazy since I got my hands on this issue is answered! My English skills are very rusty due the fact it’s not my first language so I was pretty skeptical of this theory.(because some of the dialouge doesn’t fit when read backwards, just like cablexdeadpool said) I’m glad that I could see what other people think.

also, I am stunned by how Mr Reilly Brown’s panels could flow so naturally forwards and backwards. as an artist myself I cannot even imagine the effort and hard work that was put into this book. Mr Fabian Nicieza’s words also. This book is such a joy and an inspiration to read, the only thing that saddens me is that we only have two more issues to go T_T

Thank you guys so much!

This chapter was a really fun and challenging puzzle to put together.  It wasn’t easy to come up with so many different poses and sequences for Loop that work in either direction, that’s why he keeps doing flips, otherwise he’d just look like he was doing the Moonwalk the entire time!

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