Waitaimit… is it MY fault Deadpool’s got R-rated violence?  In this article by Brian Cronin, they mention sometime during the Cable & Deadpool series is when Deadpool started to have “R-rated violence,” which is more or less when I joined the series.  They use Ron Lim’s art from a fill-in issue as an example rather than mine, but I remember being told specifically to tone down the blood splatter a couple of times, although no one said anything when I’d chop off one of Deadpool or Agent X’s limbs.  I didn’t think I was doing anything that wasn’t well-rooted in the series… but maybe I was? If I did… you’re welcome. 

Looks like you’re to blame. 

I know I, as editor, have certainly allowed the book to get bloodier than it has been in the past. I am sort of a fan of humorous gore, Evil Dead II or Re-Animator style.  But those movies ARE R-Rated, for sure. 

Heh, true.  I’ve certainly never done anything like Cullen (at least not on books where Cullen wasn’t writing the script…).  The stuff that goes through that guy’s mind gives serial killers nightmares! 

The book was plenty bloody when Joe Kelly was writing it. I actually saw the Cable & Deadpool Wade as a"kinder, gentler Deadpool.“ Whatever. At least Brown and Nicieza’s books were SMART. I’ll take dark and twisted humour over toilet humour any second of the day!

That’s what I thought.  Sometimes I think Brian Cronin isn’t very familiar with comics past 1988.

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