It’s been a long few months with a lot of work and a lot of conventions— my next convention is NYCC 2019! I’ll be at Artist Alley, table G-16. If you’re looking for a commission, hit me up through the Contact page, because spaces are filling up fast!

I recently made an appearance drawing the Merc with a Mouth in Marvel Comics Presents #6 and Deadpool Annual 2019. Sorry for not posting about it hear sooner, but updating this blog was much simpler back when I could just synch it to Tumblr, so I could post things on Instagram and just let the waterfall flow from there. But someone realized that was convenient for me, and so they had to pull the plug. So it goes.

But anyway, I’m currently back to work on a little creator-owned series I’d been impatient to return to, which I’m sure you’ll all be hearing about in the months ahead.

In the meantime, here’s a little look behind the curtain to see the process of my recent Deadpool Annual.
Written by @danaschwartzzz , penciled by yours truly, inked by @decastro_nelson , colored by @matt_herms, lettered by Joe Sabino.

That’s it for now— back to work!