The blank page is the scariest thing in the universe.  The problem is actually pretty simple– you’re starting to see yourself as pretty good, and you’re afraid of messing up.  The solution is pretty simple too– allow yourself to mess up.  Do it proudly and frequently!  Every time you draw something new, you learn something, even if what you learn is “never do that again!”  Learn not to be afraid of your mistakes. There are two things I recommend you do to help get over that fear.  One is to challenge yourself to draw fast.  As an exercise, spend an hour, and do six drawings in that hour, one every ten minutes.  You’ll be too focused on the time to worry about how the drawings look.  The second is to FINISH your drawings.  Take them to completion, whether they look good or not.  When you leave drawings unfinished, in your mind they become books that never close, and are distracting.  Once you finish something, you stop thinking about it and stop worrying about it, and are free to move on.  You want to get to the point where it feels weird to NOT finish a drawing.  Once you’re more comfortable with how things end, you won’t stress so much about how they start.  Good luck!

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