First Flash Gordon comic strip, Alex Raymond, January 7, 1934


Huh, I’ve never actually read the first Flash Gordon strip before.  So Dale was just a random passenger on the plane?  Or did she know Flash previously?  One thing’s for sure, Zarkov sure knows how to make a rock-solid plan…

Yep, Dale was a random passenger who happened to be sitting near Flash on the plane, but Flash is talking about how he’s in love with her within the first ten strips, so we know why they call him Flash.  She almost hits Zarkov in the head with a wrench in the second strip, though, so it seems like Flash chose wisely?

Zarkov got EXPONENTIALLY more chill later.  

Wait… WHY do they call him Flash?  Man, I knew they could get away with stuff in the comics pages back then that we can’t today, but that’s somethin!  And is that a leopard-print cape that Dale’s wearing in the first panel?  If so, I’m glad to see that her sense of fashion was always intact!

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