I just realized that it’s been ten years since I first drew Cable and Deadpool.  Wow, time flies!  These are my very first drawings of the characters (definitely my first drawing of Deadpool, and probably my first drawing of Cable since my days at Glenfield Middle School) that I did to warm up to them after Nicole Boose first called me up to offer me the gig.  Who’d have thought that I’d still be drawing them after all this time?  The third drawing is my most recent piece with the two characters for a commission last month at SDCC.  Those first couple sketches weren’t too bad, actually (especially if you consider some of the other drawings I did back then– woof!), they’re a little wonky in places, but if I drew them today I probably wouldn’t erase ‘em.  Deadpool’s even still got his trusty MP5, and did we ever learn what the button in the middle of his chest did?  Heh, what are the chances I’ll be making a post just like this one in another ten years?  

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