I suppose you mean panel arrangement?  The most important thing with panel arrangement is to make sure it’s legible.  You want people to naturally know what panel comes first, and where to go from there.  Typical left-to-right, top to bottom reading rules apply, although you can also do a lot with the images within the panels to lead the readers eye where you want it to go next. .  If you want to jazz things up, try taking the most important panel on the page and make it larger and more prominent than the others. It’s also worth playing around with panels that have diagonal panel borders, or panels that overlap each other.  That can really enhance the sense of motion or drama in the story. Another thing that can be interesting is to group panels together, especially if you’ve got a few panels that are part of a single sequence, or follow a similar theme.  If you group the panels well, you can start doing even trickier things, like arranging the panels to kind of be smaller sub-pages within a page.  Once you open yourself up to doing some creative panel layouts, you’d be surprised by how far you can go, and what options are available to you, and how those options can effect the pace and drama of the story! You want to think about how the composition of each individual panel looks on it’s own, but also the composition of the entire page as it’s own unit, and even how the two pages that will be next to each other will look when the reader’s looking at the book.  It can be a lot to consider, but also can be as simple or complex as you want to make it! But the most important thing is clarity.  As an artist, it’s your job to lead the reader through the story, and control what dramatic emotions you want them to have.  If they’re confused by the layout of the panels, it could distract them from experiencing the story you’re trying to tell.

A couple books I recommend that get into panel composition specifically are Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, and Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre.  A lot of great insight into narration and storytelling there! 

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