Hi “Moncia!”  Every project is different.  Lately most of the projects I’ve been working on have involved me and a co-writer sitting in a bar and coming up with ideas, and saying “I bet they’ll never let us do this!” Once we sober up, one of us types up an outline and sends it to the editor for approval (surprisingly with very few changes, making me think they’re probably also at the bar, although Jordan insists he doesn’t drink… but we’ve all read his books, and clearly he’s lying!).  Then I start drawing based on the outline.  Normally I’ll just draw the whole thing, but for Slapstick I’m only doing layouts, which I then pass along to Diego Olortegui to work his magic.  Then we send it off to the inker or colorist or whoever is next on the comic book assembly line, and the writer can look at the finished line art and come up with the dialog. 

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